28 February 2017

Retro Blue to Vintage Blue

FROM RETRO BLUE TO VINTAGE Using a selection of Actions, and finally a Waxwork Texture, I created this super soft splendid Victorian tapestry look to what was originally a bright and retro image. 

For those of you familiar with my work you already know how much I like to take an image beyond the camera. To give a photograph a completely new outlook by altering shade, light and tonality I can indulge the artist within. Creating painterly effects that soften palette and hue.  Beautiful tones start to emerge and an avent-guard shift occurs. Inspired by the beautiful and timeless colours and tones in Monet's Lily pond painting.  

Bottom Right: BTL Actions Summer / Portobello / Someday
Top: As above with the addition of Texture Waxwork Fusion and Lightfill Action Dreamer with hand editing to bright through aqua tones at the images sides.