10 July 2013

{from a differnt point of view}


A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE Within our 'style' there must always remain room for flexibility. To find a different route to our self through the creative. I know, from experience, that working hard to define a style, that is consistent through methodology and technique, can become over bearing and even ridged. New photographers often strive to forge a working style, as I did, yet it is equally important to be free from it sometimes. Explore different influences, be playful and every once in a while just let go and see where your heart takes you. Don't think to hard, or try to understand every step, just allow yourself to explore other possibilities. Here is an example; a small posie of one of the prettiest flowers in all of England, the Peonie, without the thorns of the old English rose the Peonie is a bloom to adore in every sense of the word. The top image is typically how I would process, with a little light flare added and a slight tonal enhancement. Below, I wanted to bring out the mood of this magnificent bloom. I wanted to feel it more than see it! I love the finished result, so tonally soft with a hazy quality; now I can feel these flowers!

Both images have been processed with my BEYOND THE LENS PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS (now available for CS3-6 and PSE11). The top image has been processed with Pre Process 1, Light Fill Blossom and a slight lighten from Creative Action: Retroplay. The second image has then been converted with 35 Film, and Creative Actions Melody, London and Nottingham run over the top. Finally, I've added the faintest touch of texture from the Waxwork Collection: Wax Black & Wax Board. 

I love both versions for different reasons. Although they are processed quite differently they are still very much a reflection of myself. So go on give it a something different and see where it takes you. Have an amazingly inspirational day. Sarah x