23 May 2016

Finding my balance....

FINDING MY BALANCE, when all around me is in a whirl.... Finding placement, inner structure, consideration and leading lines. A visual meditation of harmonies....  Recently I have started using Instagram as my main daily uploading social platform. It's been fun to get back into finding creatives and being inspired. The stretch that comes form uploading every day makes me push deeper into my creativity.  

9 March 2016


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31 December 2015

Welcome to the New Year

WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR, FROM ENGLAND. My favourite kind of inspiration, from the freezing days ahead to the first signs of Spring to follow. As the ground renews herself and life bursts free from the frozen landscape it's the perfect time of year to pursue creative aspirations. These projects and plans will shape the coming year and lead you into the arms of summer. Happy New Year, Sarah x

28 December 2015

A New Year.... a new project (Getting started with Textures)

ITS THAT WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR AGAIN when it's time to give some serious thought to the year ahead. I enjoy embracing a new craft or project at the beginning of the year when the weather is at its worst and dark days require an extra boost of creative inspiration.  At the beginning of last year I dived into painting, reviving my passion for Watercolour, this year its doll and felt making, neither of which I have ever done before. I have no training in either and just love the feel on embarking into the realm of a new endevour. It's just exciting to see where new ideas take me and how they will influence my photography. 

If you're new to digital photography, or perhaps got your first DSLR this Christmas, or you just want to tackle a different way of processing then processing with Textures could be for you. Its a wonderful way of inviting more creativity into your work. I was seriously taken with Textures a few years back, so much so I spent every available hour mastering the application and then the started creating and designing my own. Textures gave my work a signature look and I was one of a handful of photographers using textures to add a creative look to my work. I even went as far as getting my work, methods and ideas published so you too can read and learn all the tips and techniques I discovered and employed to my own working practice. 

Getting Started with Textures
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January brings her own magic and possibly the quietest time of year in my household. From January through to March the world outside my window is still, perhaps covered in a blanket of snow or and sparkly frost. It's the start of a brand new years and a time I embrace for learning, sorting, complete old projects. There is a wonderful sense of renewal in my little creative world as the cold frozen wind blows outside the window.  I'm often in search of a new project myself as well as offering other photographers the opportunity to learn a new skill through my shared experiences and techniques taught in my book. You'll find everything you need to get inspired and started.  

Enjoy Sarah x

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13 October 2015

On the Edge of Focus

ON THE EDGE OF FOCUS Playing with extreme marco, focus and depth of field can be a lot of fun. Here is how I shot these individual Hydrangea flowers using two lenses. First my 85mm was set at 1.8f and mounted to my camera, the second lens, my 50mm 1.8f was then manually opened and reversed and hand held in front of my mounted 85mm lens. Holding both lenses together focus was preset meaning I had to move ever so slightly to obtain focus within the set area, like the stalk or the leaf edges.  As I was hand holding the camera and lenses I had to ensure my shutter speed didn't drop below 1/160. To ensure my shutter speed didn't become too low, and I was still able to work with just enough light, I increased my ISO setting up to 400. 

Have a go.... its fun....