26 February 2017

A beautiful start

A BEAUTIFULLY SOFT START TO SPRING AND 2017 All my favourite colours in one season. I adore this time of year as the greys make way for the bright and romantic hues of Spring. Candy floss trees and confetti covered lawns of acid green. The light changes and outdoors beckons. Its a living palette of pastel delights, from tulips to blossom.   

26 November 2016

Free Downloads {Seasonal Greetings from Sarah Gardner}

FREE DOWNLOADS Seasonal greetings everyone, from Thanksgiving, Black Friday and through to Christmas and the New Year it certainly is a busy time of year. Here are two free downloads for you to enjoy as a big thank you for all your support and valued custom throughout 2016. 

To download the Vintage Tags and Vintage Paper Frames pop over to my website and complete the download details with Payloadz. {And don't forget there is still 50% off all shop purchases with the following discount code: SGBF16}.  Happy seasonal greetings, Sarah x

22 November 2016

MAKE IT WORTH WHILE  - For the love of beautifully processed photography. It's not always easy to find the right light, or even the right backdrop. Knowing how to process images to bring in more light, whilst enhancing colour and detail, is one of the first steps to feeling more confident in the skills needed to take work beyond what the camera can achieve. 

Overcast winter days can be difficult when the only natural light is heavy and atmospheric.  Just as brilliant sunny days can be overly contrasting. Adapting to various natural lighting conditions is one of the first struggles for many photographers. Professional processing skills can provide the answer and give that added confidence in knowing things can be 'fixed' later. 

I created Beyond the Lens Actions from the every-day steps I was taking in my own Photoshop processing.  Launched in 2012 Beyond the Lens Original Actions are still as popular as ever being used by both professional and creative photographers around the world. The collection is designed to give the user as many 'tools' as possible to create individual outcomes.  From bright to pastel, from sticking to soft and hazy... all in one beautifully tailored collection.  I'm now offering 50% off all purchases from my Beyond the Lens Actions and Texture Collections for Black Friday through to the new year. See website for full details. CLICK HERE

23 May 2016

Finding my balance....

FINDING MY BALANCE, when all around me is in a whirl.... Finding placement, inner structure, consideration and leading lines. A visual meditation of harmonies....  Recently I have started using Instagram as my main daily uploading social platform. It's been fun to get back into finding creatives and being inspired. The stretch that comes form uploading every day makes me push deeper into my creativity.  

9 March 2016


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